Phonemic Fun: Letter Sounds, Basic Reading, and Sight Words!

These two CDs offer a complete program for teaching and practicing beginning phonics skills and basic sight words. The included dynamic learning activities are:

  • Individualized
  • Self-paced
  • Fun
  • Manipulative
  • Trackable (for individual students)
  • Aesthetically pleasing

and offer a variety of ways to engage children. The CDs are offered individually or as a two CD set.

For more detailed information, please explore the website and the product description of each CD. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me.

Color Coded Sound Games CD CoverBasic Reading Materials CD Cover


The Color Coded Sound Games Program has changed my classroom forever.
Students love progressing through the different colors and feel accomplished as they approach each new color. It is a very intentional, thorough and engaging way for students to practice and learn letter sounds. Not only have the children gained a deep understanding of letter/sound correspondence, but they have also practiced working in cooperative groups and had the opportunity to be responsible for tracking their own progress through a student contract. -Sara Gertler, teacher

The Basic Reading Skills CD lets me print out exactly the materials I need. Once the activities are made, they are reusable so I am not recreating them each year. Children take responsibility for choosing, completing, recording and replacing each activity so there is virtually no maintenance for the teacher. Children love the color coding aspect and take great joy in moving through the colors of their particular level. This gives children, parents and teachers a frame of reference for celebrating small accomplishments and encouraging children to achieve more. -Shelby Hiken, teacher

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