This work was created for a wide variety of students in your class. From children just learning Puzzle Words to students with mastery of some puzzle words already, there is something appropriate for all levels of learners in your classroom! This product provides assessment, practice and review for 100 words divided into 4 colors, each containing 25 basic words. Each set of colored words is further subdivided into groups of 5 words for concentrated practice. This comprehensive set contains 11 products:
  1. Single Words Cards bordered in a color.
  2. A Sentence Card containing each targeted word and bordered in a color.
  3. Word List Card for each set of 5 words bordered in the color group.
  4. List Booklets in each of 4 colors bordered in the color group
  5. Star Game focusing on 5 words only bordered in the colored group for more focused practice.
  6. Concentration Cards for each set of words bordered in the colored group.
  7. A Bingo Game where each square is a word.
  8. A blank Keeping Track Master for teachers to reproduce and use to track and follow individual student progress.
  9. Rainbow Writing Sheet for focused writing practice on a single word.
  10. 150 Basic Fry words divided into groups of 25 words in each of 6 colors for quicker learners.
  11. Clear Instructions with pictures for printing, cutting and assembling your products.
A portion of all sales support Montessori in low income schools and Third World countries.