Phonogram Reading Materials – Complete Set

Phonogram Reading Materials – Complete Set


The Complete Phonograms Program includes three programs, one for each of the phonogram subgroups: Final E, Vowel Partners and Diagraphs (18 Phonograms in all).

  • The Final E program includes two transition activities from short vowel to Final E:
    1. Short Vowel pictures to Final E Pictures
    2. Fold-over cards
  • Each of the programs (Final E, Vowel Partners and Diagraphs) contains four activities:
    1. Pictures and Labels
    2. One Word Booklets
    3. Word Lists
    4. Pictures and Sentences

18 Phonograms are included in 3 separate focuses:

  1. Final E: a_e, i_e. o_e, u_e and e_e
  2. Vowel Partners: ee. ie, oe, oa, ai, ea
  3. Digraphs: sh, ch, th, wh, tch, ph

A separate recording booklet master is also included for each type of phonogram, so each child can record and keep track of his progress.

A portion of all sales support Montessori in low income schools and Third World countries.

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With this product your students will be able to…

  • Build short vowel cvc (short vowel) words while looking at a picture, add an “e,” discover the new word containing the final e reading pattern and match the corresponding Final E picture (letters not included)
  • Read a cvc (short vowel) word, unfold the card to add an “e” and discover the new “final e” word
  • Build words with the final e, vowel partners and digraph spelling and reading patterns (letters not included)
  • Match pictures to words with the final e, vowel partners and digraph reading patterns
  • Read a one word booklet containing final e, vowel partners and digraph reading patterns
  • Read a word list containing the final e, vowel partners and digraph reading patterns
  • Match sentences containing the final e, vowel partners and digraph word patterns to corresponding pictures
  • Record final e work, vowel partner work and digraph work in their corresponding recording booklet

You will be able to:

  • Create all these materials from your home or school
  • Recreate missing materials easily

Extras included in your purchase

Teacher’s Manual: This manual lets you, an assistant or a substitute teacher know how to play each of the games at just a glance.

Child’s Recording Booklet: This booklet let’s children record their work and keep track of their progress.

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