As soon as you print out and setup the 8 activities for each of the six different color groups; each child in your room will begin the self-paced journey into sound mastery and independence. The program starts with easy contrast and progresses to more challenging sounds. This is perfect for center work! Each complete, enticing, manipulative activity allows students to select, complete and record their progress independently.


  • phonemic awareness
  • sound/symbol relationship
  • basic word building skills
  • sound blending

This program is exactly what I was seeking for my kindergarten, first grade and ESOL teachers. Although they all use centers, the organized feature of this program is a real plus. Now we can be assured that each child will have an adequate degree of practice for skill mastery of all the letter sounds.

It really is all-inclusive! The variety of games keeps the interest of the children and the teachers love it because it is so easy to manage. – Debbie O’Donnell, reading specialist